About Chiropractic at Chiro2261

John McCorquodale has been bringing Chiropractic care to patients across the Central Coast for over 20 years. His ability to relieve all sorts of back pain is attributed to a combination of his knowledge and treatment skills using massage and a variety of adjusting techniques.

John Chiropractor Bateau Bay Chiro2261

Each treatment is about YOU and your current symptoms which allows him to tailor treatment to your specific needs. After taking a medical history and getting to the cause of your neck or back pain you receive a brief remedial massage prior to adjustments of the area/s assessed.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t had chiropractic treatment for your neck or back pain before, John talks you through exactly what is happening.

John has a knack for making patients feel at ease while empowering you with knowledge of your condition. John places high importance on explaining what he’s doing and why so you become a partner in reducing your back pain and improving your health.

John's superpower is back pain empathy!

He personally knows what back pain is all about – to the point of having spinal surgery on his neck and lower back. While he has likely experienced your symptoms first-hand, he possesses the skills, knowledge, patience and understanding to help manage them.

On a personal note...

John Chiropractor Bateau Bay Surfing

John is an avid surfer who loves buying and selling surfboards almost as much as he loves catching waves. He is married to Kylie, a local content and copywriter and triathlete. They have two teenagers, Jasmine and Hayden, who can be found either surfing at Shelly beach or playing basketball at Bateau Bay PCYC.